Hell is lined with concrete.  

Such are the thoughts of Lance Camino, a young construction worker, whose survival during the Great Depression relies on laboring in the diversion tunnels of the Hoover Dam Project.  Accidents, disease, politics, and the deadly wildlife of the harsh Nevada desert are only a few of the obstacles that interfere with his desire to save enough money to get back to his Texas home.  But, something else is distracting him from his goal.  Something that his friend Pete McGee says, “has the prettiest red hair in the state.”

Dennis McBride, Hoover Dam historian and author of four books related to its construction, praises the story:

“Ragtown… combines adventure, romance, social comment, and historic accuracy in a way few stories of this iconic event in American history have achieved.” 

Ragtown incorporates authentic dramatic events and the oral history quotes of actual dam workers into the text.  It highlights a time in American history when ordinary men and women rose to the challenges thrust upon them, and triumphed. 

                                                               A family in Ragtown, 1932