Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pre-Residency Thoughts

Last week, I had a list with twenty-six tasks that needed to be completed before I disappear for two weeks for my last MFA residency.  Today, I have one left.  A day ahead of schedule. 

Tuesday morning, I will get on a plane and go to Manchester, New Hampshire where I will spend ten days with talented writers, friends and several others that I’ve never met, yet know they, too, will be counted as friends by the end of the residency.  It’s a wonderful experience for any writer.  But is it worth it?

I leave my husband for a total of 12 days, during which time he is scheduled for surgery.  He will be spending Father’s Day alone.  I will miss two weeks of pay, which is going to make the month of July very challenging.  My youngest son is scheduled to leave for Air Force Basic Training on July 2, so I miss that additional time to still treat him as my baby, before he goes off to really become a man. My oldest son is home from college, and again, I will miss precious time to be with him.  And then there’s my dog.  I will really miss my dog. 

When I return, I will have to make a new list, things that need to be taken care of due to my absence. 

But this I do for me.  And it so often seems that my life is consumed with doing for others. 

So is it worth it?

I may not think so in July, but for now…

Yeah.  It’s worth it.   J

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