Sunday, May 13, 2012

Interview with D.C. McMillen

One of my favorite people, author D.C.McMillen, stopped by to stare out the window with me.  She lives in Toronto, Canada and enjoys writing about dirty sex in questionable places, but has been known to write about other subjects, on special occasions. Her recent work has been popping up on websites and in ezines. She also writes a series of short, erotic humour ebook stories through New Line Press, called Nauti-Lust series,  and will soon be featured in a few erotic and not so erotic anthologies as well as theShort and Spicy ebook line up through MuseItUp Publishing.

Tell us about your most recently released novella, The Rusty Nail
The entire story takes place in a single day and revolves around the lives of a seemingly random group of people, whose only common link is that they are somehow acquainted with a dive bar on the wrong side of town. It features M/M, M/F, F/F and a couple of fun solo scenes so there is a little bit for everyone.
I love the cover...

What made you decide to write Erotica?

I’m a copy writer by day. I write about leg hair, insurance, real estate and other fun stuff.  After a particularly gruelling day, I decided to write something completely creative and “out there” before closing my laptop. I wrote a ridiculous flash fiction piece about an elderly couple who decided to introduce “toys” into their relationship to spice things up. I had fun writing it and I loved my mom’s reaction when she read it so I decided to continue writing fun, sexy stories. I have to say, my mood has considerably improved since I started writing erotica last year.
And anyone who reads D.C.'s blog knows what a rockstar her Mom is...

What are you working on now?

I’m working on an erotic novel about a goofy college student who accidentally ends up in the call girl business. After a fofillian edits, I thought I was ready to start sending it off to publishers. Then I decided to give it another once over. I’ve now scrapped the entire first chapter and about to rewrite. Sigh.
I also have a short story coming out soon called The Rental. It’s part of MuseItHot’s Short & Spicy line up and I promise the story is chocked full of likeable characters and super hot sex.

Tell me a bit about your publishing experience.

Oh gosh.  I have learned a lot in the past year about publishing and I hope to learn more. I have been lucky enough to receive acceptances from a few different publishers, and have noticed a huge difference in processes and quality. I’ve learned it’s important to do the research before sending off an MS; just because a publisher accepts your work does not necessarily mean they will make a good fit for you.  Also, I suck at catching the minute details so I need a publisher that offers a stellar editing team.

 Other than writing, what is your claim to fame?

Fame, huh? Well I once made a total ass out of myself at a televised speech competition. Does that count?
It most certainly does.  I'd kind of like to see that video...  

Risky question, I know, but what turns you on?

Lol, you’re asking an erotica writer what turns her on? My Hitachi Wand does a pretty good job. TMI? Okay, with the exception of the obvious, I love spontaneity, loyalty, a wicked sense of humour and shiny objects that I can wear on my person. I live for new experiences, especially the ones that have a tale attached to them, and I am at my peak when I feel like I am on an adventure of some sort.
I knew it was risky. Thanks for holding back. :) 

What is life with D.C. like right now?

Pretty damn hectic, really. I am working hard on writing smutty stories, keeping up the e-rotica blog, running a business that just opened a second office and still managing to find time for walking my dog and travelling, which is a major passion of mine.


Despite the dim lighting in his rundown bar, Randall sees the seemingly random lives of his customers intersect in the most unusual ways. Why, in just a single day, he eavesdrops on a gay man flirting with his straight boyfriend, spies a Stepford style wife slip into the shadows of a cracked leather booth to join an Italian bombshell wearing a trench coat, stilettos and not much else, and demands a lunatic in search of chocolate milk to vacate his establishment, all the while hoping his slick and skuzzy landlord doesn’t show up to collect back rent.

What Randall doesn’t realize is that, other than their questionable taste in watering holes, these patrons all have something in common. Each one of them will experience a unique sexual encounter that will awaken, enlighten, or perhaps even devastate their lives.

D.C. is obsessed with Twitter and invites you to look her up at @mcmillendc, or on Facebook, where she goes sometimes.


Amberr Meadows said...

This is why DC is one of my favorite people, too. She's not afraid to be exactly who she is and puts it out there for the world sans inhibition. DC, take time to slow down and pamper yourself with one of those spontaneous trysts. Everyone needs a little break sometimes :-)

Raine Thomas said...

DC is one of my fave people! I think her Mom sounds like an absolute hoot...and it's clear the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. I've got The Rusty Nail on my Kindle. Maybe Mother's Day is the day to give it a read!

Zencherry said...

(Hides Hitachi wand note behind back) Two of the greatest on one page? FANTASTIC!
Seriously, so glad that your books are doing great and great questions Kelly! :D

D.C. said...

Thanks for having me on your blog, Kelly. You rock! And thank you Amberr, Raine and Maureen for the wonderful comments! If I could sit down and have a drink with any of you ladies, it would make my lifetime!

Kelly Stone Gamble said...

I figured for Mother's Day, might as well get a shout out to your mom, who is one of my favorite characters, ever. I love reading about her on your blog. And I'm open for that drink anytime.

Justin Bog said...

Happy Mother's Day, Ladies. (So far I'm the only rooster commenting? Cool!) What fun to read about your writing life, D.C. here on Kelly's great blog. I love hearing about the process, what subjects other writers find interesting, and I love love love. Best of luck with your books, past, present, and future.

Kelly Stone Gamble said...

The sole rooster today, Justin. Brave rooster, too, in this crazy hen house! Thanks for the Happy MD!

D.C. said...

Thank you for stopping by, Justin! And congrats on your recent release as well!

Ciara Ballintyne said...

D.C. You rock! I think I already told you, but there's no harm in saying it again. I admire your restraint when asked what turns you on. Talk about a loaded question!

D.C. said...

Lol! Yeah, I considered writing more but I really like Kelly and I don't want to be banned from her blog. :)

Kelly Stone Gamble said...

I was really hoping you would say the Hoover Dam turns you on. LOL

Lorca Damon said...

LOVED The Rusty Nail. And I, too, want to see video of that televised speech competition!

D.C. said...

Lorca, you just made my day! I'm so glad you liked it! I think I might die if that speech ever resurfaces, though.

Kelly, Anything with the word Hoover in it has to turn us on just a little. ;)

Leslie Lim said...

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