Saturday, August 13, 2016

Dad's Best Advice and Cover Reveal for #CallMeDaddy

My new novel, Call Me Daddy, will be released October, 2016, and I wanted a fun way to reveal the cover, so I asked people to give me the best advice their Daddy ever gave them. Here's a list of Dad's best advice and I have to say, there are some pretty awesome dads out there! One of these bits of wisdom will win an e-book version of my new novel. Which do you like the best? Can you add any to the list?

  • Never say anything about someone that you couldn't say in front of them. (In other words, don't gossip)
  • Be the best you can be.
  • Shoot em in the yard, drag the body inside. Lol....
  • No license til I could drive a stick. The reasoning: "I don't ever want you in a situation where you're either stuck somewhere unsafe, or forced to ride with someone who has been drinking, because the car you're in is a stick and you can't drive it."
  • The graveyard's full of people that had the right-of-way.
  • Deny everything.
  • If you have to fart while in the company of others do so into the thickest couch cushion available.
  • Chew your food 28 times, each mouthful. Then he would say, "chew, and chew, and chew" I can still hear him.
  • He also advised in working in a profession that is always needed, so you'll always have a work, like plumber, or funeral director. "You may never need a lawyer or a doctor but you will eventually have a clogged crapper." End quote.
  • A leopard can't change his spots. In other words, if a guy's a douche bag then he's not going to change.
  • I can't protect you all the time so pay attention. Strike hard, strike fast and always, ALWAYS, hit him in the balls! He also taught me to change a tire and the oil so I would never have to wait for help!
  • Always smile at homely girls
  • Don't marry a man less educated than you. You will never be impressed enough.
  • Never get a pet that's too big for you to bury.
  • Given enough seasoning, everything can taste like chicken.
  • Dazzle them with brilliance and baffle them with bullshit.
  • My dad had taught me to drive and he said, " HUG THE ROTARY you'll beat out all the others when you jump on the highway." It usually works. :)
  • Never trust a fart.
  • My dad's best advice: Give 'em what they got comin. No more. No less.
  • Don't ever assume ... it's makes an ass out of u and me.
  • Never leave the house without money in your pocket.
  • I was born a long time before you and I know lots of guys who do that in this neighborhood. If he can do it to his wife, he will do it to you too. A snake is always a snake.
  • Never write down on paper what you don't want anyone else to see.
  • Always be content, never satisfied.
  • He put the cuffs on me and put me in a cell around age six and said "you like the way that feels?" (I've been good ever since)
  • Read your bible every day.
  • It will feel better...
    When it quits hurting...
  • Always know your way out of a place...
  • Don't be a slacked jawed idiot.
And now for the big COVER REVEAL! Coming in October, 2016, from Red Adept Publishing

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Mary Griffith said...

Awesome looking cover. Can't wait to see and read the book!

Susan E. Kennedy said...

Great cover! I'm looking forward to reading it!

jenifer badamo said...

YEAH!!! I don't know if I'm more excited for this new blog (you know I lloooovvveee your blogs) or for the release of your book!
JK--- You KNOW I'm more excited about the book!
Love ya!!