Sunday, October 21, 2018

Tangled Lights and Silent Nights

Too soon? I know, it isn't even Halloween yet, and I'm talking jingle bells and eggnog. But I wanted to tell you about an exciting project that I and nineteen other authors have been working on all summer: Tangled Lights and Silent Nights

Tangled Lights and Silent Nights is a multi-genre holiday anthology featuring characters from each individual author's books. So my contribution, "A Crazy Christmas", features Cass and Roland Adams from They Call Me Crazy on Christmas Eve, the Christmas before she kills him. It was a fun story to write and one I think my readers will enjoy. It's also mixed in with an amazing collection of other great stories from some of my and your favorite authors, including USA Today bestsellers Claude Bouchard and Gail Cleare. 

This collection truly has something for everyone.

Journey from the 1800's with Nicole Evelina's "A Vanderbilt Christmas", to the crime desks of Kate Birdsall, Claude Bouchard, and Debbie S. TenBrink's characters, to the futuristic fantasy worlds of Michael Meyerhofer and Ciara Ballyntine. 

In a contemporary setting, experience the holiday with Gail Cleare in Vermont, Diane Byington in Florida, and Kelly Stone Gamble in Kansas. 

Stacey Roberts, Victor Catano, Kelley Kaye, and C. Streetlights will make you laugh, while Darren R. Leo, Justin Bog, and Timothy Woodward might make you cry. 

Or you can fall in love with Erica Lucke Dean, Brenda Vicars, LeTeisha Newton, and Reece Taylor. 

Additionally, we have decided to donate all proceeds from the book to LifeAfter-Visions of Hope Project, whose passion is to shatter the stigma and spread awareness to three taboo topics that underscore society today: Suicide, Substance Abuse, and Domestic Violence.  

I hope you'll join us in celebrating the holiday with some of your favorite characters and help LifeAfter continue their mission. 

Tangled Lights and Silent Nights in available for pre-order now for only 99 cents and you can purchase it at all major e-book outlets by clicking on this link: 

Pre-order Tangled Lights and Silent Nights